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Pro Drone Repair Tool Set

Pro Drone Repair Tool Set

$55.00 Regular Price
$40.99Sale Price
Precision Small Screwdriver Set with 22 Bits,Repair Tool Kit for Drones, Computer,Smartphone, Phone,Game Console and other Electronics Device

Material: full metal;

durable as its made by full metal;
telescopic driver so that you can move some screws on deep position;
anti-slip area and spinning endcap.
  • Details

    22 magnetic tips made from S2 Alloy steel, HRC(56-62).we use weakness magnetic on the tips so that won't destroy your sensitive electronic products but enough to keep the small screws.

    Bits:4mm shank and 45mm length;

    Bits size:
    5ps Philips:PH000,PH00,PH0,PH1,PH2;
    4pcs Slotted:SL1.5,SL2.0,SL3.0,SL4.0;
    3pcs Torx:T4,T5,T6;
    3pcs Security Torx:T8,T10,T15;
    2pcs Pentagonal:0.8,1.2;
    1pc Tri-wing:2.5;
    1pc Triangle 3.0;
    1pc SP 2.0;
    2pcs Hex:H1.5,H2.0
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